Restaurant Challenge: Un-Bao-lievable

Alix: And the first we tick off is Bao. It feels strange we have never been before, especially as it’s so close to work, but on Saturday we finally got round to it. I had roped Rob into coming round the shops on Oxford street with me (I know, on a Saturday…had left getting a party outfit until the last minute) [Rob: I was hungover and operating on 4 hours sleep] and we headed to Bao about 3pm, hoping to have missed the lunchtime rush. We had to queue for about 20 minutes on the other side of the road before we were seated. We decided to order one of each bao and some sweet potato fries. The waitress recommended 3-4 dishes per person, so we added a couple of extra baos, though to be honest we probably would have been fine with just 2 each as they are massive and very filling! They were excellent, and it was a great place to stop for a relatively quick lunch, though it wasn’t somewhere you would linger for hours.

Whenever we eat somewhere Rob and I like to rank the dishes, and here we actually ended up with the same order. Our favourite bao was the Classic – the pork was excellent and the peanut powder really made it.


The fried chicken one was also great, good amount of chicken and the mayo was excellent. Confit pork belly was third on the list, followed by the lamb, but they were all good. The sweet potato chips were an excellent addition, and we were big fans of the plum ketchup. I was hoping we would be able to try the Horlicks bao for pudding but there was no way we could have squeezed it in.

Overall a great place for a quick lunch and somewhere I would definitely head back to if I was in the area.

Rob: agree completely. The food was good enough to put me in a food coma. Next time, I’d like to try the pig blood pudding (for all the black pudding lovers out there, I’ve heard it’s excellent! – slim chance of getting Alix to) and the horlicks bao.

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