Let the challenge commence…

Alix: So like most sensible Londoners, we grab a copy of Time Out every week. By ‘we’, I mean me, it’s my job to read it and show Rob any interesting bits. So obviously when the food issue came out this year, this was one we read cover to cover and kept. We were not particularly impressed on how many of the top 100 restaurants we had tried (though Rob has worked his way round a few on client nights, alright for some), so we vowed to try and tick a few more off. Taking inspiration from a work colleague who told me she was aiming to tick off one a week, Rob and I decided to make a list of 5 each we really wanted to go to, then we would be in charge of organizing that date. We try to split date organisation so one person isn’t left in charge of everything, and it’s nice to say, ‘oh keep this date free, I’ve organized something’. It also means it’s more likely to happen!

Anyway, we wrote down 5 restaurants each we wanted to go to, without discussion. After considering, we also added two alternates, in case we had any matching ones. We managed to match 5 out of the 7 restaurants. This was impressive, even for us, but I guess shows how much we have in common! We decided to add a couple so we both ended up with a list of 5.

Alix’s List:

  • Snaps and Rye
  • Casse Croute
  • Barrafina
  • Oldroyd
  • Bao

Rob’s List:

  • Counter Culture
  • Naughty Piglets
  • Honey & Co
  • Boqueria
  • Hoppers

As you can see, not the most expensive of the bunch (let’s be realistic, we live in London, we’re not millionaires), but a nice mix and a few down in South London. Watch this space to see how many we get round and what we think!

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